he might be unproportional. erm.. he IS unproportional for sure, but it was just “guick drawing”done in fire alpaca
just done watching it todaysad but bit real ending :<

just done watching it today
sad but bit real ending :<

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My legs. They got fatter.
"blowjob" on saturday morning (y)
Borys ^
He doesn&#8217;t have fair hair, he just got sweaty after exercise :D

He’s so cute! I’ve just fallen in love with him <3

CJ Adams from “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”

don&#8217;t ask where is her leg, cause i don&#8217;t know too D:just a little sketch of ahri, undone, by me. i wasn&#8217;t drawing bodies for a long time (well, i&#8217;ve never tried this before tho). and i wasn&#8217;t taking pattern on anything, so she might be a little disproportionate